GitHub Actions On Autopilot

Proaction automatically keeps GitHub Actions updated and working as expected.

Proaction monitors any GitHub Action workflow and keeps track of all dependencies to create recommendations to ensure that the workflow execution is reproducible, secure, and up-to-date.

Proaction Features

Proaction scans your GitHub Action workflows and recommends best practices while watching any Actions you are using for changes.

Reliable builds

Proaction creates more reliable builds by encouraging stable, deterministic versinos of Actions.
Best Practices
Find and suggest changes to Action references that don't change
Monitor dependent tags for when they change
Docker image and GitHub references fully supported

Updated Actions

Proaction keeps your workflows updated by making Pull Requests when there's an updated Action available.
Outdated Actions
Stay up-to-date when an Action changes
When a forked action is available in upstream, automatically move back
Receive bug fixes while running reproducible workflows

Secure workflows

Proaction keeps your workflows secure by using patched Actions and Dockerfiles.
Best Practices
Easily update to patch and minor updates of Action
Workflows are edited on your schedule, not when a workflow breaks
Runs locally or in CI

Policy Engine

Create and use Open Policy Agent policies to define rules for your Workflows.